There are numerous occurrences of identity theft or credit card fraud that make using a computer somewhat risky. Fortunately, there are a few tricks that you can do to minimize the risks and take some concrete steps towards protecting your confidential information.

You probably know that your computer’s privacy settings are disrespected just by logging on to the internet. It is therefore of utmost importance to maintain your computer’s security and privacy settings or risk losing your precious information.

Start off by shutting down all the programs as soon as you enter the room or the area. To do so, simply click on the “options” icon which is found, on the menu bar, immediately below the “eject” button. You should be aware of what programs are currently running on your computer. Those you have already installed will appear in the list. But those that are not should be removed immediately since they would be added to the list anyway.

As you have already realized, unused programs will still be running on your computer even if you have already removed them. Therefore, it is always in your best interest to remove those programs before relocation. By doing so, you will be sure to gain access to faster internet speeds.

Wipe the disk regularly. With so many documents being created on a regular basis, make sure that you have a reliable backup of your files. This includes everything from the browser history, stored emails, to the operating system itself. This is vital because should your computer crash, then your files will be restored to the location from which they were originally created.

This is actually one of the most important things that you can do to ensure the protection of your files. Start off by backing up your files on an external hard drive. If you have not done so already, this is the time you should begin to encrypt your files. If you have not previously, then fetch a fresh hard drive and install your operating system on it. This is actually an optional thing but it is a good tip nonetheless.

Turn off programs that you are not using at the moment. As you are likely aware, the entire system, including the internet browser, will slow down if you leave your PC on these programs, especially as you work on several programs at once. That being said, it is recommended that you make the switch to exclusively using Mozilla Firefox for both Windows and Mac OSX.

You also might want to consider deleting programs that you have installed on your computer simply because they are taking up space simply because you find them useful. Your system registry will also be reduced simply because some of these programs will be residing in the registry most of the time.

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